An Amazingly Simple Thing Will Keep Your Network Secure

Fortinet’s 2nd quarter findings for 2017 found that 90 percent (yes, you read that correctly…let me say it again…90%) of organizations were hacked with vulnerabilities that could have been sorted out with a patch three years ago, while 60% of companies had vulnerabilities that are over ten years (yes…you read that right…one decade) old in the wild.

Amazing. With this sort of lackluster security in place, it’s no wonder that companies are getting hacked left and right. Allow me to go on a small rant.

Patching devices is simple. It doesn’t take that much for MSPs and IT pros to put a calendar appointment in Outlook or a recurring ticket in your PSA to keep firewalls and switches patched. Make sure you are doing this! It doesn’t matter what type of firewall you are running, you need to keep updated with the latest firmware. I argue that it is more critical to keep firewalls, switches, access points, and other network devices updated than it is to patch servers and workstations. In terms of priority, the access/entry points to the network perimeter are critical.

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