Has Your Password Been Stolen?

You have probably heard that you should not use the same password for everything. Well it’s true. For real…don’t use the same password across multiple websites. Don’t be “that person” who uses the exact same password for your banking, shopping, personal websites, and email. Seriously. Don’t do it. Having worked in IT for my entire professional career, I see this again and again…no matter how much I tell people not to.


Because there are soooo many vulnerabilities and exploits out there. You may have read about the LinkedIn data breach back in 2012. If you haven’t heard of that one, how about the now infamous Equifax breach? If you were one of the hundreds of millions of affected users, someone now has the password you used to access those sites. And if you used the same password on those sites that you use for everything else, you are at a significantly greater risk of being hacked or having your identity stolen.

How do you know?

If you are curious to know if your data is at risk, you should visit the website called “have I been pwned?” (pwned is shorthand for “owned”). Simply enter your email address, and you will learn about sites and services where your email address has been compromised.

If you learn that your accounts were pwned, change them immediately. And please, change them to something different!

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