How to Fade Audio in iMovie

Hey folks! I recently upgraded my Macbook Pro to OSX High Sierra. After getting through a few initial issues with it, I have gotten around to installing and using iMovie. Here’s a short tutorial on how to fade audio in iMovie 10.1.8.

I have been using iMovie to make short clips of music performances. If you use iMovie — or any other recording software, for that matter — best practice is to fade out your audio track at the end of your clips. So here’s what I typically do.

First, make sure you’ve enabled audio waveforms. Click the Settings button and ensure that Show Waveforms is checked.

At the end of the track, where you want to fade out your audio, right-click (or CTRL+click) your audio track and choose Split Clip.

Note: The Blue waveforms indicate the sound recorded within your video clips; green and purple waveforms indicate sounds and music you’ve added to your project.

Move the pointer over the waveform you want to edit, then drag the small grey fade handle at the right of the clip to adjust the fade out effect.

If you want to check out the actual video, visit my website, where I collect, record, and share all sorts of jazz, blues, and funk videos.

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