Mac OSX Borderless PDF Printing

I was struggling to print borderless PDFs on my Macbook. On Windows, you have cool little utilities like CutePDF to handle PDF printing. Normally, Mac is simple and printing PDFs is a breeze, but I had a document that had no borders. It looked fine when viewed in Word:

However, when previewing and attempting to print to PDF, I noticed the margins weren’t correct:

The solution to the conundrum is found here. The steps to fix:

n Word select FilePage Setup:

  • Settings – Page Attributes
  • Format for – Any Printer
  • Click Paper Size – click Manage Custom Sizes

Custom Page Size:

  • Click + to add new size – name it PDF borderless
  • Click in the paper size boxes to make 210mm x 297mm for A4 (in my case I changed to 8.5 x 11)
  • Make sure Non-Printable Area says User Defined, and change margins in boxes zero
  • Click OK

Now when I go to print to PDF through the OSX print dialog, everything is wonderful.

Credit to the original author:

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