Reduce File Size for Mac OSX Screenshots

If you’re like me, you take screenshots constantly on your Macbook Pro. Being in the tech support field, I screenshot things constantly. Sometimes my desktop ends up looking too much like this:

OK, well maybe it’s not that bad (seriously, I found that picture on the Internet and my desktop would never have that many icons on it. But sometimes, it gets close to that bad!

Anyhoo…to the point of this post. The problem with screenshots in OSX is that they are huge in size. By default, they are in PNG format, and with today’s high-resolution Retina Displays, a simple screenshot can be in exceess of 5, 6, 7, or 8 Megabytes!

How do you fix this problem?

Open the Terminal app and enter the following commands:

defaults write type jpg
killall SystemUIServer

These commands will effectively change your screenshot format from PNG to JPG and save you a ton of space!

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