Speed Up Your Mac File Navigation

Having come squarely from the Windows world, I can navigate through Microsoft’s OS like a wizard. It’s really easy to hit Windows+E to open an Explorer window and navigate to where you need to go. Once you’re there, it’s equally as simple to copy your path by clicking in the path bar:

Once you click, the path appears and you can simply hit CTRL+C to copy the path:

That makes it really easy to copy that path to a new Explorer window, or you can even past it into a Windows run box to browse to that location:

Since working on a Mac, I’ve found that I have been able to perform just as quickly with most functions and shortcut keys, with one notable exception: navigating in Finder. However, there is a great trick that will help you navigate just as quickly, and that is an Automator shortcut that you can easily create yourself.

Launch Automator and create a new Service:

Use the search function to look for “Copy to Clipboard” and drag that into the right side panel of the Service:

Set ‘Service recieves selected’ to “files or folders” and ‘in’ to “Finder”:

Save the Service with the name Copy Path. Now, when you right-click on any folder or file in Finder, you have a Copy Path option!

This makes it really easy to copy the full path to the clipboard and – similar to Windows – you can use the Finder “Go to folder” shortcut (Command+Shift+G) to paste the path and quickly navigate:

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