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Sheldon Thompson: Manufacturing Sales Pro

Episode 5

In this episode, I interview Sheldon Thompson, sales pro with Carr Lane Manufacturing. We discuss Sheldon’s transition to a new career during the Covid-19 pandemic, how he learned the skills required to become a sales professional, technology challenges while working from home, good sales process, connecting with customers, healthy habits, workouts & diet, how coaching helps with sales, and more! In the G.I.G segment, we learned about Sheldon’s situational musical tastes & variety from Lil Wayne to Willie Nelson.

Gina Van Opens: How Have Recruiting Services Evolved?

In this episode, I interview Gina Van Opens, President of Integral Recruiting Services. We discussed the beginnings of Gina's company, our shared history, how staffing, recruiting, and technology has evolved, remote & virtual work, the mindset of finding rock stars, and how technology & music has the power to influence and change lives.

Joe Dix: Mastering the IT Service Model

In this episode, I interview Joe Dix, master technology sales agent, CEO & founder of Candid Solutions. We dove deep, had a lot of fun, and covered a ton of ground: how the technology sales agency business model eliminates complication, creates options, and saves time for customers & MSPs, and how Covid-19 changed the world & technology landscape. Additionally, Joe and I covered music, soccer, healthy living at 50, living a balanced life, mental health awareness, and “lifting the haze” of being overwhelmed as a business owner, creating clarity and focus for your business, healthy habits & lifestyle for business owners, a few workout recommendations, maintaining a positive mindset and more.

Jake Dehne: Service Industry Pro

In this episode, I interview Jake Dehne, owner & managing partner of two of Milwaukee’s hottest entertainment and nightlife venues: RWB Milwaukee and Nicole’s Third Ward Social, along with his ventures as a real estate investor and AirBNB proprietor. This was a fun conversation! We dove into Jake’s business background & history, his career path in the service industry, and how he got started playing division 1 soccer for Cornell University.

CT Kaupp LLC: Web Design/Business In Boardshorts

In this episode, I interview CT Kaupp, owner of CT Kaupp LLC website optimization & SEO service company. We discuss how CT got his start in the industry, his father's legacy, working with contractors & HVAC distributors, his own Business In Boardshorts podcast, and much more. In the G.I.G. segment, we learn how CT's musical tastes have evolved, the joys of country music, and a cool experience with Jason Derulo.

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