e-Book: Transform IT

Look at IT From a New Perspective

Digital transformation is the game of the future.

Are you ready to play IT?

An eBook discussing technology, the effect of its application to the business world, and the importance of shifting your perspective to adopt an integrated IT mindset.

Note from the author

I appreciate your interest in downloading my eBook!

If you are a business leader seeking information and perspective on digital transformation, this eBook is for you. It contains insights I’ve drawn throughout my career about integrating and focusing the technology within your company to keep it secure, available, and aligned with strategic vision and growth plans.

I trust you will benefit and discover value within it. The eBook is 100% free – no registration required – download and enjoy your free copy.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Develop an Integrated IT Mindset

Learn about the four persistent myths business leaders tend to believe about technology and how to overcome them.

Chapter 2: Define Your 4 Pillars

The four major components that make up your company’s tech, mistakes to avoid, how to free up time and focus more energy on driving additional monetization & revenue opportunities to your business.

Chapter 3: Shift Your Technology Perspective

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have created an incredible opportunity to optimize business workflows, accountabilities, and communication with internal teams and external customers like never before. Learn how to lay a foundation for the future where technology becomes an asset instead of a roadblock.

Chapter 4: Get Out of IT While You Can

Spend more time on strategy is by engaging resources who can help develop and monetize your external-facing technology.

Chapter 5: Practical ROI Examples

Businesses across vertical markets reclaim lost time, increase revenue, and increase customer satisfaction, adding significant value and profit to the business.

Chapter 6: Take IT To the Next Level

Discover the benefits of working with an integrated IT agency that delivers pre-qualified and vetted vendors and technology solutions well-suited and aligned to your business case and vision.

Chapter 7: The Fox-In-the-Henhouse Problem

Engaging an objective cybersecurity partner who keeps your top-level priorities, objectives, business risk, and insurance requirements top of mind is crucial.

Dan Schneck

IT & Cybersecurity Integration Agent – WJI Networks