Free Educational Resources To Accelerate Your Learning

Open Library – free digital book lending. How to get a “library card”? An email address.

The Open Library (Internet Archive) Website

Instructables – learn how to make anything step-by-step. From candle-making to building 3D printers.

Autodesk Instructables Website

Untools – a collection of thinking tools and frameworks including:

  • Systems thinking
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
Untools Website

Stanford eCorner – wisdom from people who’ve built successful startups. Hear from top founders, venture capitalists, and professors.

Stanford eCorner Website

Duolingo – learn 30+ languages online for free. Makes the experience gamified and fun.

The Duolingo Website

Coursera – an extensive list of free courses from top companies and universities. World-class instruction. Master the material.

Coursera Website

YouTube – undefeated, probably the best learning resource out there. Listen to countless hours of educational material.

Channels that will make you smarter for free: