Gina Van Opens: How Have Recruiting Services Evolved?

Gina Van Opens: How Have Recruiting Services Evolved?

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In this episode, I interview Gina Van Opens, President of Integral Recruiting Services. We discussed the beginnings of her company, our shared history, how staffing, recruiting, and technology has evolved, remote & virtual workforces, the mindset of finding rock stars, how music & technology has the power to change lives, and the influence music has had on Gina’s own life.

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Integral Background
Running a Virtual Company
Leveraging Remote Work
Focus of Integral Recruiting Services
Helping Companies Find Rock Stars
Technology Changes Lives
Get in the Groove!

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Podcast Intro

Thanks for tuning into the IT Records Podcast, where I interview business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who use technology to grow, evolve, and connect. We touch on the human side of business, how technology affects personal and professional development, dig into what motivates our guests, and we have a little fun too!

The goal of the IT Records Podcast is to educate, inform, and learn about how humans are using technology to expand in today's fast-paced technological world.

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Dan Schneck, is CEO & Founder of WJI Networks Business Solutions, an IT agency firm in Brookfield, Wisconsin specializing in providing engineered solutions, building, and integration of IT systems & support for the modern business office, warehouse or automated production facility.

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