My Why

My why begins here:

There is always a better and more creative way to do IT.

A few years ago, as a global pandemic emerged, I moved into a new role as CEO of a startup tech services company, thinking it had nowhere to go but up. After six months of deadlocked meetings and negotiations, the decision was made to broker and sell the business. Like the pandemic, the entire experience was not what was planned for or expected.

In the following weeks and months, I reflected on why I care deeply about technology and security. The word and feeling that comes to me when I think about IT—is potential. Humans can achieve remarkable feats when technology and humanity are aligned and in sync. We encounter moments of harmony, resonance, and excitement when we realize these achievements. Enabling and unlocking such human creativity and potential through technology brings me joy.

As we rush to scale businesses backed by modern technologies, connected systems, networks, and APIs to serve customers, I firmly believe that the company choosing to embrace quality technology management, security, and governance as a core strategic pillar of business today will move ahead of tomorrow’s competition.

My father always said, “Keep your eyes and ears open.” Always keeping his words in mind, I listen carefully to understand, enable, and support the customer experience through carefully curated and integrated technology. From architecture to management to compliance, governance, and cyber risk management, I enjoy enabling core systems that support the business mission and brand. In today’s multi-vendor, AI-enabled technology landscape, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to IT. Although we work in a virtual technological space and now have GPT-powered assistants, the core and foundation of all business is human quality.

A computerized network opens up a world of possibilities: synchronized 8, 16, 32, and 64-bit patterns are like music. Well-composed technology systems harmonize business and life. IT is the conduit through which human ingenuity can flow. Secure IT enables us to achieve higher and loftier goals faster and with higher degrees of confidence and quality.

Our connected interwebs, clouds, and networks – once held closely within private and localized data centers – are becoming rapidly decentralized through remote work, suppliers, and “virtual” teams. Relentless news of cybersecurity breaches, data privacy violations, and third-party risk has moved the business security landscape to a “zero trust” model (begging the question: who wants to live in a “zero trust” world?). Emerging and novel artificial intelligence presents a still greater challenge. These seismic shifts give business owners, entrepreneurs, and humanity a unique opportunity to uplevel cyber and security awareness as we prepare for upcoming business cycles in new and uncharted territories.

Today’s multidimensional, hybridized information IT and security landscape requires a more robust and diverse set of expertise, resources, services, and solutions than ever before to grow, evolve, and compete. My journey led me to a world-class team  of quality professionals whose sole focus is providing quality practitioners and corporations with the education, resources, and training to meet the emerging challenges of tomorrow.

As we walk the path of quality improvement and innovation delivered by the technology products, services, and platforms that enable IT, I wish you the best in your digital journey. Stay safe and secure out there.

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